I'm Daniella, a designer based in Dubai.

Currently working as a product designer at Huspy, I love books and designing outstanding experiences.

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What I've been doing...

2020 / New checkout experience @ Veloe
Complete redesign of the checkout journey and experience, looking for a 15% increase in the conversation rate compared to the current flow. The final journey went from 7 to 4 steps, using automatic consultant bureaus in order to speed up the process.
2020 / Workflow of landing page creation @ Veloe
Optimization of the flow for creating landing pages for partners. Through modular templates (using Contentful), we achieved the reduction of the creation time from 2 months to 2 weeks, with a cost reduction of $2,000 to $10,000 per landing page.
2019 / Spare parts user experience @ Whirlpool
Enhance the costumer experience in the segment of ​​spare parts and appliance accessories, a segment where a great opportunity was identified in the market of their top brands (Brastemp and Consul). Creation of a new system inside the user profile that connect and integrate all their home appliances, in order to offer more confidence and agility from installation to maintenance.
2018 / New e-commerce core @ Via Varejo
From early ideations to the final prototype delivered to engineering, I was involved in all steps as one of the main designers of the project. Did desk research, focus groups, business strategy planning and information architecture for a new core of Via Varejo's giant online marketplace.
2016-2018 /  CX Internal System @ Cielo
Restructuring of the company's customer service systems, unifying them through Microsoft Dynamics. Reduction of 7 consultation systems to only one, optimizing the AHT of telemarketing operators and reducing cost of service.
2016-2018 /  Debtor consultation system (SIR) @ Recovery do Brasil
Redesign of the company’s internal debtor consultation system, focusing in improvements in the whole user experience, automating daily activities and flows and optimizing the users' workflow. Made in the early 00’s, the system had a really old design and their flows and database needed to be revised.